Mission Dost-E-Jahan

About us

Mission Dost-E-Jahan is a mission to promote peace, love and positivity for a better world. Anyone who can commit to follow the rules of Mission Dost-E-Jahan can become it’s member. 

Rules of Mission Dost-E-Jahan

To become a member of Mission Dost-E-Jahan, I feel as follows-

  1. I am a responsible global citizen.
  2. I believe every human being is inherently good, and I respect all of them with all their shortcomings. 
  3. I vow to treat others fairly.
  4. I vow to be free from all grudges. 
  5. I vow to have a sense of gratitude towards people for every little positivity they bring into my life. 
  6. I vow to be polite and tolerant to people of a different faith, religion, race, caste, country, state, sexual orientation, and political ideology. 
  7. I vow to keep non-violence as my top priority. 
  8. In case of any conflict, I vow to make decisions that bring peace and maximum benefit to all.
  9. I vow to protect the young, old, innocent, poor, and underprivileged in my vicinity from injustice.   
  10. I promise always to optimize the use of public and personal resources while keeping in mind poor and underprivileged people.
  11. I vow to take only that much food that I can eat. I will not waste food.
  12. I vow to switch off electrical equipment always, when not in use.
  13. I always vow to use a garbage can, dustbin, bag, or pocket to keep disposable things. I will never litter. 
  14. I vow to plant a tree every year on my birthday and take care of these trees. 
  15. I vow to make decisions that help to protect the environment.
  16. I will keep a big heart to forgive people who are sorry for their words, thinking, or actions
  17. I want to become a social leader and provide help to the needy through knowledge, networking, and collaborations. ‌
  18. I am willing to be a part-time social worker to make this world a better place to live in.  
  19. I pray for the good health, happiness, and development of all.
  20. Voluntarily I want to become ‘Dost-E-Jahan’ (A Friend of the world) to make a better world.

About the Founder

Dinesh Kumar DJ

Founder & Convenor

Professor, Business Consultant, and Lifestyle Social Worke

Where to Find us

House No. 1, Badon Patti, Hisar, Haryana-125001

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Call at +919720226833
[email protected]

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